Floral Reverie

Floral Reverie


Reverie  ... /ˈrɛv(ə)ri/

noun: a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream



silk dress

silk dress vintage sustainable fabric


kimono silk georgette 

kimono robe silk georgette handmade

The first drop of the Spring/Summer collection features some of the most beautiful vintage silks I have worked with to date. 

The dreamy florals lent themselves perfectly to become Silk Bohème dresses. Our beautiful muse Beth shows how they can be worn effortlessly. From floating along clifftop paths, daydreaming amongst the wildflowers ... to breastfeeding with ease and dancing with a babe on her hip. 


{in order of appearance}

  • size up, and then gather some of the excess silk in a scrunchie for a flamenco / salsa-esqe vibe
  • simply wear as is (use our guide to help determine your size, they were designed to be slightly oversized)
  • add a belt
  • reverse it and wear with the neckline lower at the back
  • easy option of breastfeeding through the sleeve
  • knot the hem (on the opposite edge to the side-split)
  • tuck one sleeve in and wear as a one shoulder dress

Shop the FLORAL REVERIE collection now, with pre-order available on some prints to allow for greater size choice. 


with love,

Raffy xx

Knots for Darling



Muse ... Beth (& baby Isla)

Photographer/Stylist ...  Helen (@bambamcreative)

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