Ethics & Sustainability

Knots for Darling is committed to creating fashion that is kinder to the Mother Earth and her people.  

The majority of our pieces are made from vintage, reclaimed and remnant fabrics because this is way better for the environment. Our favourite material to breathe new life into is vintage silk for its divine boho-luxe aesthetic and amazing prints.

Using vintage and reclaimed means that our Earth’s vital resources – such as water, land and forests – aren’t being used up unnecessarily for more fabric production when there is an abundance of beautiful fabric that would otherwise end up in landfill. 

When using new fabrics, we stick to GOTS certified organic cotton, plus linen and hemp which both require no pesticides and less water. We choose organic because it is safer on the skin, better for the planet and importantly much safer for the people that work on the farms producing our fabric. We avoid buying any new polyester fabrics, however sometimes our vintage fabrics may be blends of polyester or acrylic; it is our ideology that it is better to reuse these fabrics than have them go to landfill. We are also researching alternative thread and binding options … as with all sustainable fashion brands, we are not perfect, but we are doing our best!

Owner & Designer Raffaella has completed the course “Fashion and Sustainability”, through the London College of Fashion, and continues to research sustainable options and how the brand can make a positive impact in the world.